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No software, however ‘intelligent’, can solve the recruitment challenge. Why?

Because ‘Human Nature’ is the most complex ‘mechanism’ in the known universe.

To find the right fit ‘Human’, you should rely only on passionate recruiters with right background and skills.


Automation Talent India :

  • We help you hire ‘Automation, Robotics, Industry4.0’ Talent faster

  • We understand Industrial Technologies first-hand and have our own Industry Insider network.

  • We take pride in supporting our clients from different Industries like Robotics, Automation, Machine Tools, Intra-Logistics Automation, Warehouse Automation, Automotive, Electronics etc

  • We have supported out clients to hire Tech Talent for Industrial Technologies like PLC, CNC, DCS, Scada, HMI, Industrial Robots, Collaborative Robots, Autonomous Mobile Robots, IIoT, Additive Manufacturing, Motion Control and emerging Industry4.0 Technologies)

  • We have been working with clients across the Industrial Ecosystem OEMs, Tier 1, 2 Suppliers, MSMEs, System Integrators, Technology Companies.

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